Who are data scientists and what do they do?

The world is changing and the technology has evolved the way almost everything in last decade with its beneficial applications. From education to health every industry is leveraging the new technology and simplifying the process. Same way the technology has explored new areas of expertise for the people to make their career with. Data science is the career opportunity that is emerging as one of a most chosen career around the globe. Almost every small or big organization needs an data scientist to sustain their growth and assure constant revenue. However, in spite of such important role in the industry the profession is still untouched by major of the portion. Most of still unaware of the data science certification courses and its application in the industry. The very first question that comes to mind’s what are data scientists and what they do exactly.

In order get the answer to these two questions you need to know what is data science.

The data science is also known as the data-driven science and collection of various scientific methods to collects and study the data. There are different algorithms, methods, and process that is being used to extract the meaningful data which is similar to the data mining. Data science is more of a concept that is used to drive important data with help of various analyzing skills and use that data for an organization’s profit. In the process, the organization uses a number of methods from mathematics, statistics, computer science and information science to extract and study the data. Then afterward converting that extracted data into a meaningful information, it is used to predict some beneficial details for the business purpose.

What is data, scientist?

 A data scientist is particularly a person responsible for making the extracted data useful for the company. When the data has been extracted from the available information it needs to simplify or decompose into useful details and afterward applied to the process for growth. This is the responsibility of a data scientist he or she needs to create processes or tools that converts the available data into some logical approach. There are tools and software available for the data science technique but you need to apply them with right methods by using the critical thinking. This Is where an organization needs a data scientist. A data scientist is a key element to science that drives the company’s growth and success based on the data available.

What does a data scientist do?

In simple words, the job of a data scientist is to play with the available abundance data and make their way out to the solution with the help of it.   Below are the job role of a data scientist

A data scientist needs to dive into the available data to analyze the analytical problem with a different approach. Afterwards, find the quickest solution that creates bigger opportunities for the organization.

s the company is already loaded with huge data information it is not possible for someone to determine the important information. However, a data scientist uses his knowledge and skills to determine the data sets and variables for the company.

The other important function of the data scientist is to collect the large set of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources.

Analysing the data and studying it deeply to come up with the pattern and trends that could use to boost the company’s growth rate.

Finally, the most important part, interpreting the extracted data into opportunities for the organization.

Communicating their findings with the stakeholders using various mediums including visual presentation.