How to prepare for IES preparation along with a regular job?

 IES preparation takes a lot of time and concentration, and everyone knows how difficult it is to crack. Some people are not in favor of taking the risk of leaving their respective jobs in order to crack the exam, and that is absolutely fine. However, people who are working will have to be cautious and should have strategies if they are seriously willing to crack the exam.

How to prepare for IES preparation along with a regular job?

Here are a few tips and advice that can be made use of people who want to prepare for IES along with a regular job

  1. Weekend batches will be much helpful. Some of the Engineering Academy in various cities teach aspirants for GATE & IES through weekend and weekdays batches, and it can work well in your case.
    The syllabus for IES is distributed in General and Technical category, and further, the Technical portion is divided into modules. The division is made in a way such that all modules require equal sessions of classroom coaching which is followed by tests and reviews. Based on the weight of all the topics in exams, the subjects are grouped in the modules which assure that all the modules contribute to equal marks.  This kind of strategy can help you manage the exam preparation with your job.
  2.  You can prepare for the exam through self-study, but you will have to give your absolute best and also will have to arrange for the resources all on your own. Nobody else can be of your help in that case. However, you can always look for general tips and guidance on the internet where the aspirants post blogs about the preparation they did and strategies they had in mind. Joining a coaching class can reduce your burden a little by providing your personal guidance.
  3. You will need a good plan for yourself and very good time management as you won’t be able to manage both job and preparation if you don’t fit yourself into a routine. However, near your exam date, you might have to take leave from your job for 15-20 day for practice as it will help in last minute preparation. Giving all the time at last stage can help you become thorough with your material and syllabus.  You can refer to the answers on this link :
  4. The most important factor is time. Apply to jobs which are closer to your home as that way you’ll be saving on time spent on travelling. Longer commutes can be a major worry, and it will take up a good amount of time which would have rather been utilized for studying.  Normally, it won’t be possible for you to study while travelling to your job due to the hassle of transport systems and other reasons. So plan ahead and strategies. Cutting 30 minutes of your travelling time can increase your study time by a good amount.
  5. Make sure you ask all the reasonable questions about the profile, expectations and demands the company has regarding the position. Asking such questions before joining can also help you choose from the job that goes with your plans. Divided attention can be a hindrance, so it is needless to say that you will need to stay focused on your goal.
  6. More than 60{68923f03e1b91b743cfdf96f22e35ef248cf5a337d81f74bb8a08d4e6754a93b} of the aspiring candidates are already working somewhere or the other. You should read books which say that we can get out work done in lesser time and it is quite possible to crack the examination while working. You can first try to focus on basic concepts and then go with advanced topics.
  7.  Make a timetable according to the available time and make sure you stick to it.
    Check the syllabus and pattern of the examination and studying accordingly can help you a lot.
    Try to solve the previous year questions after completing a particular topic.
    You should definitely join mock test offline or online to check your performance. Joining online test series can be more appropriate for you.

After completing every subject, you should make your own notes which will have important formulas and key points. This will help you very much at the time of revising the subject especially just before the exam.

So here are a few ways through which you can manage both your job and studies if you are planning to give IES exam.