Spiritual Transformation

In spiritual understanding there is an understanding of elements of the Soul (spirit, heart, suksma, consciousness), Mind (mental, mind, creativity, desires, passions) and Body (body, body, body). They together, synergize, interact to form a complete human being. Then how does it work? ……

To give a simpler picture, humans can be likened to robots that can be controlled by computers. Body is identical to a robot body that is mechanical. Then the brain that contains the mind is identical to the IC that contains software, while the spirit is identical to electricity from batteries or other energy sources. So there is a function of each, Spirit besides functioning to support the entire system, is also a place where we can communicate with God with the universe and all its contents. If taken an analogy with the management process, then Soul’s function is to formulate the vision and mission, to make the direction of life. Mind makes an action plan, looks for ways and makes an execution order to the Body and finally the Body that executes it entirely according to the order.

But what often happens to many people is not like that, there has been a big “defiance”. Soul is inserted into the golden cage, not heard and ignored again, considered never to exist. Mind takes over all functions of soul, determines life goals and tries to manipulate all aspects of life. And in turn the body is not completely obedient to the mind command, only what is good for him is done. We almost fully live life on the tracks of ego and physical pleasure, whereas we never listen to the mind / conscience.

Very grateful if we are accustomed to using neocortex or normal healthy reasoning, or not? We go back to primitive beings who walked by survival instincts, who are very selfish. So what should we do? Return each human element to its original function and trim the line to begin the new stage of life in an enlightened state, this is called “Spiritual Transformation”.

in the ACIM book there are many explanations about Spiritual Transformation

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