Institutes in Ghaziabad Teaching M.Ed

Someone nicely quoted that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Very correctly, education lays the firm foundation on which societies develop and further propels its growth. Education not only develops citizens of a society but it also gives a direction towards the growth of a society.

Education determines where the society is headed towards. Education is not merely restricted to the books and the formal education that one gets at school or college. Education goes way beyond it. Education is not restricted to any boundary. Education has existed ever since life has existed on this earth and this education has merely increased with each passing generation as the education grows and multiplies with each passing generation. Each generation adds substantial knowledge and then passes it on to the next generation. That is the reason our ancient Vedas has placed utmost importance on education. Even traditionally, the young prices were sent to the gurukul for a substantial number of years so that they can learn from their gurus in an environment where humbleness and humility reigns. The Indian culture and traditions boast of such high respect rendered to education and the gurus or teachers who facilitate such learning.

Even today, the same tradition follows. A small toddler would believe his/her teacher more than anyone else, though the education of this toddler begins right when he/she is born and everyone knows that his/her parents and guardians are the first gurus. This stems from the fact that a teacher makes a much larger impression on the delicate mind of the child than any other person existing on this earth, including the child’s mother. That is the aura of a teacher. But at the same time, this aura of the teacher needs to be matched with the quality of being a teacher. Though a degree or any other academic qualification and parameter cannot judge how well a teacher teaches, at the same time, a degree at least provides the credibility that certain person has gathered some knowledge about the subject if not all such that the person can undertake activities pertaining to such subjects.

Therefore, a degree in education as a subject becomes a vital requirement for teachers teaching at schools, special schools, play grow-ups, and colleges. Each level of education demands a different level of understanding and facilitation. Though Bachelors in Education (B. Ed) becomes the basic degree in education which needs to be acquired by any teacher or prospective teacher in India, the value is still more for higher degrees such as Masters in Education (M.Ed.).

In Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad has been identified as one of the most important education hubs. There are several colleges which impart degrees such as Bachelor in Education and Masters in Education. Vaishali, being a more prominent area in Ghaziabad, houses premier colleges such as VidyavatiMukandLal P.G. College for Girls and Institute of Professional Studies. These institutes in Vaishali, GZB providing M.Ed education and degree apart from B.Ed degree and courses in Ghaziabad facilitates the preparation of students willing to pursue education as a subject and profession and make them ready to undertake the education of the future generations to come. These colleges offer various courses including the topmost degrees required in the field of education.

While the institutes offering the B.Ed courses in Vaishali, Ghaziabad offers both theoretical as well as practical training to the students following the syllabus prescribed by Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut; the institutes in Vaishali, Ghaziabad offering M.Ed. Course enables the students to think and act like a researcher thus taking up valid studies in order to improve the entire process of education holistically. These colleges provide the best training, best resources, and the best faculties which ensure that the future generation is in the safe hands of teachers who are training from the best institutes and preparing themselves for the perseverance and grit required to nurture the talents of tomorrow.