5 myths busted about SBI PO exam and how far are they gone?

Are you good at calculations? Do you want to have a bright career? Are you good with finance and management? If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” then banking sector is the best option. SBI PO vacancies are most lucrative opportunities if you want respect, job satisfaction and a fat pay cheque at the end of each month. Cracking the SBI PO exam is not a matter of joke. Every aspirant desires to achieve it, but only a few lucky candidates get it. Most young candidates are still plagued by widespread myths, which are associated with this examination. Here, you will get information about top 5 misconceptions, which have finally been busted.

Coaching classes are a must for success

More than 90% banking job aspirants suffer from the myth that if they do not take admission in a coaching center, then they will never be able to crack the examination. The myth has been busted time and again by candidates who have successfully cracked the preliminary as well as the main SBI PO exam. These candidates depended on books and their hard work. None of the coaching classes will spoon-feed you. The professional teachers will only show you the correct path. They will offer tips, which will come in handy to solve problems faster. But there are books in the market, which can offer the same knowledge. If you are ready to work harder, then you will be able to crack the examination without taking admission in any coaching class.

More time investment means better preparation

Candidates often spend hours at an end, going over the same topic and problems, again and again. Though the practice is necessary, spending 20 hours in front of the books will not cement your position in the merit list. If you follow a strategic study pattern that suits your needs, then you need not strain your eyes for long hours. If you want to study three hours a day, make sure that those three hours are spent constructively. Spending 10 hours will go down the drain if you cannot retain anything at the end.

Only focus on the studies

Earlier, candidates believed that it was mandatory to invest time in SBI PO preparation singularly if they wanted to crack it. But not all have this luxury. Many meritorious candidates may not be able to crack the exam, no matter how many attempts they make. They cannot leave their career to chance. A high percentage of candidates who sit for the SBI PO exam is already associated with one profession or another. The success rate of these candidates is higher. If you are ready to work hard, and balance all sides, then it does not matter whether you are a student or a professional. It is true that professional candidates may have some difficulty in juggling their current job stress and SBI PO preparations. If the aspirant is determined, and stay focused on the goal, then he/she will be able to cross all hurdles.

Minimum 10 hours study time is a must

It is another popular myth that all SBI PO aspirants must put in at least 10 hours of grueling preparation. It is rather absurd. 10 hours of study time may sound easy, but once you start at it, you will realize the pain. The amount of preparation time that each candidate needs depends on their merit and capability of grasping a subject. If they can do it in less than 10 hours, then there is no need to sit at the study table for that long.

Flawless knowledge about English is a must

If you have the same notion, then it is about time to throw it out of your mind. Yes! A whole section is dedicated to test the English knowledge of a candidate. But you need not have a master’s degree in English for that. If one can answer 80 to 120 English questions, then you will succeed in cracking the SBI PO exam.

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