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5 myths busted about SBI PO exam and how far are they gone?

Are you good at calculations? Do you want to have a bright career? Are you good with finance and management? If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” then banking sector is the best option. SBI PO vacancies are most lucrative opportunities if you want respect, job satisfaction and a fat pay cheque at […] Read More

Practicing Equality and Fairness Among Students

Many students today feel that they have been negatively affected in school somehow by either another student or even a teacher. According to, a study that was conducted found that teacher’s effectiveness on students was 20 times likely to boost their educational performance. Teachers make a huge difference on the outcome of a student. It is important that teachers realize how much they affect their students. Whether it is small talk, the way they teach, the motivation they provide to their students, or simply how they get their students to participate, everything they do will have some type of effect on their students. A teacher plays an important role in the overall life of the student. Teachers need to make sure they always stay consistent at practicing equality and fairness among the students to prevent the feelings of unfairness or low-self-esteem.

Student heavily rely on their teachers for safety and for a good education. According to, good teachers not only affect student’s education, but they help them increase their chances with going to college, earning money and preventing young pregnancy. Many teachers are not fully aware that everything they do and say can and will affect their students. For example, a teacher must select volunteers for a special project going on weekly. One week the teacher selects 1 student. The second week that teacher selects the same student again, all because she thinks that, that student enjoys being the participant. What about all the other students in the classroom? Well, many of the students notice and see that the teacher is only selecting that 1 student repeatedly. Because of this, many students may feel sad and even left out, possibly even take a hit with their self-esteem. It is possible that the teacher had to idea that this was occurring and that the students wouldn’t even notice. Therefore, it is important to stay consistent at rotating students to allow for fairness.

There are many ways that teachers can be fair and equal in the classroom. Some of the more modern ways is utilizing technology. There are apps on smartphones that utilize special classroom educational apps. For example, there are apps that allow students to be randomly selected by a system. Teachers should take the time to research these types of name shuffler applications that they can utilize in the classroom. This is a great way to prevent any …

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